Civic participation

Since its very beginning, the Citizen, Democracy and Accountability has associated active people who strive to change things that surrounds them for the better. At the same time, we want to provide room to other active people and encourage them in effective civic participation.

Civic participation may take on various forms – from direct communication with public administration in personal matters (e.g. requests for information, petitions or complaints to various authorities, institutions, etc.); on through the submission of comments, for example, in public negotiations on projects and other community or nation-wide issues; expression of opinions and citizens’ legitimate demands, for example, by means of petitions or at public gatherings and demonstrations; direct influence on decision-making by communicating with MPs and delivering speeches at council meetings; through to the participation in a law-making process, preparation of crucial strategic concepts and other legislative and executive documents (e.g., in the form of individual or mass comments, etc.). Go to to find out more about concrete examples of civic participation activities and some ways to join in.

For those who wish to take an active part in decision-making, we offer multiple possibilities of support and promotion, for example educational and information events, specialised publications, analyses, information through mass media, web pages and, etc.

Those who are interested in human rights, willing to sacrifice their time and effort for a good cause and to directly influence what is going on around them, may directly participate in our activities. For example, there are many students who have contributed to the development of civic participation by their qualified volunteering in our organisation. We offer partnership-based cooperation in the area of human rights where you may fully realise your skills, professional ambitions, as well as civil and human qualities. We’ll keep you updated on concrete possibilities of cooperation.

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