For the sake of strengthening citizens’ position towards public authorities in Slovakia, we participate in addressing several particular problems that arise in connection with (not) using a civic participation approach in a day-to-day life.

From a vast number of cases available, we choose those that contribute to a positive systematic shift in a particular area of concern and to strengthening the responsibility of competent individuals and bodies for public governance. Resolving such cases also improves democratic instruments in decision-making of public authorities (for example, freedom of access to information, real public participation in decision-making, etc.) and open partnership relations between the general public and public and private institutions. Last but not least, these cases help the affected individual or organisation to find a solution to an important practical problem.

When dealing with concrete issues, we use the expertise of legal experts cooperating with our association. Personal engagement of individuals in these cases and their active cooperation with our association is an extremely important aspect in our work.

Below is a list of several concrete cases in which our association also actively participated. We hope that information and experience described in these examples will inspire and encourage other people and organisations to actively solve their issues with institutions.

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